WALKING IN WOODS 7 – Takamizu San San three mountains, Mt. Sogaku, Mt. Iwatakeishi, Mt. Takamizu in Ome Tokyo Japan, WEEKEND DAY HIKE




As a group of three mountains, it is called Takamizu San San.  The first San means three and the second San means mountain.  They are called in that because the trail through top of  three mountains, which is Mt. Sogaku, Mt. Iwatakeishi and Mt. Takamizu is very popular for day hike.  It takes about 1.5 – 2 hours from central Tokyo Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.  The good thing is the trail starts at the train station and finishes at the next train station, which means worry-free about going home.
On the trail especially around the top of mountains, there are steep rocky spot. You can grab ropes.
You can enjoy wide view from the top of the Mt. Iwatakeishi, not so much from the rest of the two.
Route starts : Mitake Station JR Ome Line
Route finishes : Ikusabata Station JR Ome Line

Route Distance:  9.2 km
About 4.5 hours walk
Highest point : 793 m
Lowest point : 240 m
Difference in elevation:  553 m

MAP of Mt. Sogaku

MAP of Mt. Iwatakeishi

MAP of Mt. Takamizu


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