New Year’s Celebration Food Preparation 2017

Thanks for the record of the last year’s New Year’s Celebration Food Preparation which I posted on my site, I could make it very smoothly this year even though I started a bit late..  I was given many advice by me from a year ago, and it was so great.
I just followed the “To Buy List” and “Time Table” of the previous year except for the small changes.
The change is these:
– Since my son has moved out and live himself, I did not prepare his meals.
– My daughter was very busy studying for entrance exam in a month, we skipped Nabe hot pot cooking. Instead of it, I planned FONDUE RACE using mini slow cooker for fun but at the same time, saving time.
– I did not cook Kuromame black beans. It cooks with quite a large amount of sugar. It is too much for us, so I bought a cooked small package. For the bag of Kuromame black beans, I will cook without sugar later for healthier diet.

TO BUY LIST: preparingfornewyearsdishfor2017

TIME TABLE:  preparingfornewyearsdishfor2017timetable







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