Konpon-chudo Hall on the Mt. Hiei

Konpon-chudo Hall on the Mt. Hiei

Konpon-chudo Hall is the largest central hall in Enryakuji Temple on the Mt. Hiei.
Hearing the Enryakuji Temple, many people remind the historical past event – Siege of Mount Hiei in 1571. Nobunaga Oda led 30,000 men in destroying towns and temples on the mountain. It is the battle of political and religious power dynamics.
The temple was build by Saicho in 788. Since then, for 1,200 years, people has paid devotional visits and many monks have been on ascentic practices.
That means here is the place where the most strict environment in this area, which is selected for monks’ practices. Yes, it is very cold. Mountain is very steep and segregated from the town down there. The air is pure.

We took JR Kosei Line to Hieizan Sakamoto Station. Then walked to Sakamoto Cable Line station about for 20 minutes.

About Enryakuji Temple, the guide is available on HP of Shiga Prefecture Guide – go biwako clicking here.
You can also visit HP of Enryakuji clicking here.


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